Last updated: August 30, 2023

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"Flat" style

One stylized character in a simplified "flat" style. Minimal detail.


Coloured Sketch

A sketch with some colour underneath. Minimal cleanup or rendering. Good for quick character references.


"Flat" style, full scene

One or more character(s) in a simplified "flat" style, in a full scene. Usually higher resolution, with more carefully planned composition.


Messy / Simple Painting

Like a coloured sketch, but with some extra shading and detail added over top– without "fully" cleaning the image up. This price is also offered for paintings of especially simple characters, heavily dithered paintings that don't need as much detail, or paintings at small image resolutions.



A standard fully rendered painting. Plenty of detail, fully shaded, comes with a simple background.


"The Whole Hog"

Reserved for the most ambitious, intricately detailed, high-effort works. Usually many, many hours of work are involved. Comes with a simple background.


Backgrounds and Landscapes

Price depends on style and complexity. Can be added to character art or purchased alone.


Misc. Art

Game assets, pixel art, or especially simple pieces that don't fall into the previous categories recieve custom pricing. Contact me!

Will Draw:

  • Humans & humanoids
  • Non-humanoid aliens, robots, monsters, etc
  • Mundane animals
  • Anthro
  • Blood, gore, scars, organs
  • Body horror, scary stuff
  • Boobs (artistic nudity only, and you must be over 18)

Won't Draw:

  • Genitals / pornographic / sexualized content, any fetish stuff
  • Most mecha / complicated machinery (bio-organic stuff is fine)
  • Really complicated architecture
  • Especially extreme gore (ask)
  • Most fandom content, especially if it's something I haven't read/watched (ask!)

i may or may not be more willing to draw something if i think it's funny

Terms of Service

Last updated: August 30, 2023

Section I: Image copyright

1. I, the artist, retain full and exclusive rights to the original artwork. The client may not claim it as their own or use it for anything other than personal use. The commissioner may repost or edit the commissioned piece as long as credit is given.
2. All commissioned artwork is for noncommercial purpose only. Redistribution of my artwork for use in printed merchandise or as promotion of goods, services or social media pages is prohibited.
Section II: Payment Information
1. Payment must be in USD via PayPal only.
2. I reserve the right to turn down a commission for any reason.
3. I reserve the right to cancel and fully refund your commission at any time, for any reason.
4. If you cancel and refund a commission before the flat colour stage of a painting is completed, you will receive 40% of your money back.
5. No refunds will be given for any commission after the flat colour stage of the artwork has been completed. No refunds will be given for sketch or "flat"-style commissions after payment is received.

Section III: Workflow and Communication

1. If you do not want me to post your commission online, you must tell me when you order.
2. Discussion of commissions may be conducted via discord or e-mail.
3. I will send you an invoice over PayPal. Work will begin after it is paid.
4. I will send you WIPs of the artwork at the messy sketch, cleaned sketch, flat colour, rendered and shaded stages. You may request reasonable edits at any of these stages.
5. Upon completion, you will receive a full-resolution digital file of the commissioned artwork. I will not print or ship any physical copy to you.